CULMEN: A movement. A resource. A right.
  • The Vision:

    To mobilize the passion of Latin America and its people into a powerful and ethical force that creates an opportunity for equality and prosperity for all.

    The Mission:

    To be the driving force of sustained growth, integrity and prosperity by virtue of education and collaboration, making the people of Latin American and its entrepreneurs leaders in prosperity, innovation and excellence.
  • What is CULMEN?

    CULMEN is a movement creating a model of excellence and integrity for companies and professionals to improve their business practices and competitiveness both locally and internationally.

    Culmen is a source of leadership, education and opportunity for advancement and leadership, is a vehicle for those who wish to evolve with integrity, lead through innovation and prosper with excellence.

  • These virtues and values are fundamental to success and will become the real competitive advantage for those who will lead their countries in the 21st century.
  • The Culmen Movement, lead by Erik KIkuchi was active source of the teaching and opportunitis of prosperity with Integrity between March 2012 and March 2014.